Point of sale or point of service (POS or PoS) can mean a retail shop, a checkout counter in a shop, or the location where a transaction occurs. More specifically, the point of sale often refers to the hardware and software used for checkouts — the equivalent of an electronic cash register. Point of sale systems are used in supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, stadiums, and casinos, as well as almost any type of retail establishment.

Hospitality point of sale systems have revolutionized the restaurant industry. This is particularly found in fast food service and sales. A number of restaurant chains employ systems which use computer networks. In the most recent technologies, registers are virtual computers, sometimes using touch screens. They will connect to a server, often referred to as a “store controller” or a “central control unit.” Printers and monitors are also found on the network. Additionally, remote servers will connect to store networks and monitor sales and other store data.


We understand your safety and security needs, which is why Icom2 Pvt. Ltd. provides a comprehensive range of products and services related to CCTV camera.
CCTV, Closed circuit television cameras are used in a variety of circumstances to provide video surveillance. School districts use CCTV to monitor the activity on school campuses. Businesses use CCTV cameras to monitor the behavior of employees. CCTV can also help retail establishments by providing protection against loss from theft, Each establishment must weigh the benefits and drawbacks to decide if CCTV is the right method of protection.

Business Phone Solutions

Multiple protocol support with in-built protocol conversion – supports VOIP (SIP,IAX2.H323), ISDN PRI, Analog (POTS), BRI etc.. Includes standard PBX features with connectivity to PSTN (BT Line)
Call Features – Call Transfers, Conference, Parking, Forwarding, Retrieval, Waiting, CLIP, Blind / Attended / Consultative transfers


A digital video recorder (DVR) or personal video recorder (PVR) is a device that records video in a digital format to a disk drive or other memory medium within a device. The term includes stand-alone set-top boxes, portable media players (PMP) and software for personal computers which enables video capture and playback to and from disk. Some consumer electronic manufacturers have started to offer televisions with DVR hardware and software built in to the television itself.It has also become the main way for CCTV companies to record their surveillance, as it provides far longer recording times than the previously used VCRs.


Best spokes software development & maintance

Bespoke software is a software application developed specifically to your custom requirements and is particularly used when there is no ‘off the shelf’ alternative available.

Icom2 have been developing high quality bespoke software since 2005. It is still our core business. Our expertise in Microsoft and Delphine programming languages allows us to create reliable bespoke software applications cost effectively and on time. By writing applications custom made to your requirements we can make your businesses more efficient and profitable, allowing you to provide a more effective service to your customers.